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September 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Most of my professional growth has come out of working with my peers to figure what is the best way to tackle content, or to approach a methodology with my students, or still fit in the hands-on stuff I want to do with the requirements the district and my school make of me.  I feel like I can continuously reframing the context of how I think about science instruction and then making changes to actually do what I have been thinking about.


Evolving & Networking

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

For me, I think that we have evolved as a profession and as a group of education professionals.  We know more about how students learn and how to present content in ways that result in the use of critical thinking, explanation and deduction by the students.  (And, we are not good about talking about that either – but that is a different issue)

While I get some inspiration from books, blogs and reading; I gain the most when I am in a network of other educators talking about these issues.  Some kind of format helps, but too often I just don’t get enough time to think through things, explore new ideas and then practice them as in PD or with my students and then provide feedback.

Global Classroom

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

I think it happened now because the whole system needs a serious upgrade.  We have needed to move from a one, sometimes two-dimensional world to multi-dimensional, multi-spacial global educational classroom.  We need new ways to use the technology and tools to help us and how to best avoid distractions.

In my 20+ years of working in science education, with educators, leaders, evaluators, funders and curriculum professionals, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the level of sophistication and experience-based innovators we have become.  We are not the educators of the 80’s or the 90’s that were told what to do and we did it.  The majority of people I have the honor to work with are people who are serious about learning and teaching, they want to be come the best professional they can be, they want the next generation to be prepared for whatever the world holds for them – and they all work really hard to get there.

But we cannot do it by ourselves:  who do you work with, turn to when you are looking for new ideas and ways to get around in this changing system?  Are they books?  Other educators/leaders?  Who provides you your guidance and what do you get from them?