Science vs Math & Language Arts

What do common core math and language arts have to do with Science? (I think this is good and needs to be extrapolated on a bit further)…It seems like there are opportunities within the other standards movement to explore science, how does that fit?

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Why new standards?

Why all the fuss and work around new standards?  Haven’t math and language arts gotten enough money already?  Are kids improving?  And what do test scores show us?

And, what about science?  Personally, I thought the National Science Education Standards (NRC, 1996) and the AAAS Benchmarks were good enough.  Do we really think in the current educational system that we can “leave no child behind?” and bring everyone up to proficiency?

When the National Governor’s Association and the Chief Council of State School Officers came forward in 2008 and challenged the education system for a set of common standards – I held my breath.  Common?  Standards?  In the teacher ranks we talk about how much easier it would be if we had common standards – but really?  Not in this country where state and local control in education rule.  Where textbooks monopolize the instructional realm…

And here we are, almost a year+ into implementation (car wrecks galore, but there are largely survivors, plus assessments and new materials – of course).  And, the first release of the science standards  – Next Generation Science Standards.  Why these?  Why now? What do you think…

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