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new ways to present core concepts

I think there are already a lot of great materials and tools that link practices, core concepts and cross cutting concepts – we just have never explicitly talked about it before nor have we had to look for ways to do that.  The Standards help. Content has always been king, and our tests, PD and support has reminded us that many of us are not “fully qualified” to teach science – so we focus on the content.  In this new world that has changed, and not just for elementary but for middle and high school as well.  I want to find new ways to look at all sides of a core concept and see how to present/engage students with it using the science and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts.   Has anybody started trying this?  Do you do this in your classrooms?  How do you do it in PD?  Any examples would help…


classroom application help!

I have to go back and remember where we have been and how far we have come.  All of the brain science research and understanding how young people learn science (specifically) that has emerged in the last 15 years has helped to focus classroom science time in our district, for as long  short as our instructional time.  I need some help digesting all of the brain information with the application in the classroom. I find Ready, Set, Science! And Taking Science to School as really helpful resources to give me perspective and bite size pieces that I can use in my classroom and with other teachers.

Lack of classroom time

One of the biggest concerns I have about the NGSS is how multi-dimensional they are.  I barely get enough time to teach science at the elementary school age and now rigorous content is combined with science and engineering practice and cross cutting concepts?  It seems like great intentions, but how would I get this done if I had science every day? Let alone science once a week?  Does anybody else feel this way?