Welcome to the Next Generation in Education!  As a group of thinkers, doers and creators in education we felt the need to design a place where we could come together to talk about what is happening on the education landscape.  We hope that Next Generation Education is a place for you to share your honest opinions, ideal solutions, frustrations and successes as we navigate the new waters of standards reform – including Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Who are “we”?

We are “you” —  teachers, parents, administrators, business and industry, consultants, researchers and content and curriculum developers, curriculum providers.  We are active, semi-retired, unemployed or too fully employed.  We care about teaching and learning and about students successfully competing in the 21st century – work and career ready.

What do we believe? 

We believe that the BEST solutions to big scary challenges come about when people who care come together to talk, vent and discuss what matters most to them. The diverse perspectives, inspiration and innovation from others in the field have sustained many of us for years – think of this as a watering-hole, gathering place and sometimes – soapbox.

What do we want?

We want a national blueprint that provides guidance to professionals by professionals for how to actively embrace and engage in the new standards movement.  The Common Core standards and NGSS provide us an exceptional opportunity to leap frog the numerous incremental changes we have seen in education since 1950 that have, by and large, not worked.

This blueprint starts with a new, shared and common language amongst professionals about the next generation of education.  Next, comes understanding of the new practices that will help navigate the new ways to teach and to learn. With new language and understanding, we explore, explain and engage in the HOW.  This is the blueprint itself.  Taking what we know and what works, sharing, tweaking and refining it and reporting back on how it works with students.

We plan to roll out the initial pieces of the blueprint at the Next Steps Institute in Denver, Colorado November 15-17, www.nextstepsinscience.org  and use the NSI professional community to continue to build upon the basics happening in this blog/comment space.

As people deeply committed to education, we do a lot with very little.  This effort is no exception – but we also know that instead of whining and complaining, collectively we can create the tools, programs and innovations that are good for kids and teachers by working together.  It’s up to you – won’t you join us?

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